Technoline Equipment is committed to serving the needs of today's modern and complex Cold Chain requirements. We have adopted a policy of continuous research and development to produce the most efficient, adaptable and system available in today's market. We design our systems to meet the client ‘s specific and specialized needs

Techonline's Strengths
1. Marketing strength: TE has established firm business relations with customers in India.  Also as the company strongly believes in business ethics TE can maintain excellent relationship with its customers.
2. Access to Better Processes/Technology/Knowledge: TE has established excellent business relationship with various OEMs in Italy, Dubai, Japan, Korea, China and Thailand. The OEMs or as we call them our Partners in Progress are well equipped with in-house R&D set up. TE has advantage of getting the best and the latest equipment.

3.After Sales Service :  TE has well networked service team covering all the regions where TE's installations will be made.  TE has its own service team, which is well trained in OEMs equipment