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Few words about Technoline


The core team of Technoline has the expertise to cater to all needs & problems in the cold chain industry. Having decades of professional experience & service, the leadership team strives to achieve the best results to all problems of our customer.

We strongly believe that every customer of ours is different and so are their needs

Manufacturing all products required in the cold chain industry:

·         Panels

·         Insulated Doors

·         small and medium sized cold rooms

·         industrial cold stores

·         refrigeration units

·         Blast chillers and freezers,

·         Quick freezing tunnels & IQF.

Technoline can cater to every customer’s need with great levels of customization.


When you partner with Technoline, you tap into a team of experts using Cold Chain Technology so powerful that we like to call it Freedom Engineering


At Technoline, we are on a mission to provide best quality products and services in the cold chain industry. We are a ‘Customer Centric’ Company that continuously strives to get to know its customers better and respond to their needs through continuous innovation, quality and services.


Our Vision is to grow and retain our position as market leaders of the refrigeration industry with technical analysis capabilities and cutting-edge technology.


Technical Director

Maurizio Fantini

GM Sales – Global

Massimo Fantini

Finance Head – Global.

Management Team



Service Head




Project Incharge